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About this Blog
This site offers honest reviews of restaurants that can be found in the region of Montréal (and other places in the province of Québec). We're looking out for the lovers of good food by not only offering our sincere opinions but also by sometimes comparing various restaurants from the same chain and offering other practical information.

The list of establishments we have visited grows regularly. You can see the entire list by using one of the search tools offered at the top of this column.

About the Author
We are a couple who loves to spend some quality time at restaurants. We wouldn't call ourselves "gourmets", but we are always on the lookout for a quality culinary experience.

A Table For Two

A blog of critiques of restaurants around Montréal, Québec, and some other places.

2006-06-11 - 14:04:59


You feel like going to a good Lebanese restaurant? Daou will probably be what you're looking for. The menu offers a good variety of traditional dishes and, if you have trouble deciding what you should eat, you can always try one of their combinations.

For example, the mixed appetizers plate offers stuffed vine leaves, hummus, baba ganouj, fallafels, etc. Everything is delicious, You can also try the fatouche salad which goes very well with these appetizers. What about the entree? Try the mixed grilled meats! You'll end up with chicken, beef and lamb kefta. The meat is incredibly tender and perfectly marinated. As a side dish, you can't go wrong with either the rice or the french fries (or both!). The portions are generous as what we just described was enough to satisfy three adults. And if you feel like a bit of dessert, Daou also offers somme classics (baklava, etc.)

The ambiance is pleasant, but the restaurant is very simply furnished and lacks a bit of warmth. Also, the service isn't always the same. The waiters are very professional but some are a bit distant, maybe even uninterested. Still, we've always found our experience at Daou's to be very satisfying.


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