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About this Blog
This site offers honest reviews of restaurants that can be found in the region of Montréal (and other places in the province of Québec). We're looking out for the lovers of good food by not only offering our sincere opinions but also by sometimes comparing various restaurants from the same chain and offering other practical information.

The list of establishments we have visited grows regularly. You can see the entire list by using one of the search tools offered at the top of this column.

About the Author
We are a couple who loves to spend some quality time at restaurants. We wouldn't call ourselves "gourmets", but we are always on the lookout for a quality culinary experience.

A Table For Two

A blog of critiques of restaurants around Montréal, Québec, and some other places.

2005-12-11 - 21:23:32

D'Aversa - Closed

Apparently, D'Aversa is now closed.How would you like to have a nice night out with a meal followed by some dancing? And what if that meal is hosted by the "happiest man on earth"? And what if, on top of that, the "show" can be listened to on the radio? Well then, this is the restaurant for you!

What's that? How's the food? Well, err... How can I put this... Let's start on a positive note!

This restaurant is located under the Bell tower, close to Place Bonaventure. Also, the interior parking is free. The ambience is great and it's a very pleasant looking establishment. The service? Wonderful! The waiters were polite, smiling and actually quite nice.

The problem is that Sandra and I will probably never want to go there ever again. OK, I admit it, I'm not very big on the whole dance thing, but for about $90 per person, at the very least we were hoping not to be disappointed by what we ate. To be honest, I will mention that we were part of a group of 50+ people and that some of them did actually like what they had. As far as the others go...

D'Aversa is a restaurant that has a pretty good reputation. On Saturday nights, you can dance after (or even before) having had your meal. The whole experience is broadcast on CFQR "Q 92.5" from 8PM to midnight. But our dishes left us wondering if this was the usual level of quality for this restaurant? Sandra asked for manicottis with spinach and cheese. The taste was so bad we both wondered if it had been cooked in sour milk. As for my plate, my seafood pasta tasted pretty good, but the seafood was waaaaaay overcooked. Have you ever had lobster that has the same texture as an overcooked steak? Well, it was my first time. On the other hand, we were told that the lamb was very good.

The desert? Everyone had some creme brulee. It was nice, if you like that sort of thing. But as far as choice is concerned, this was rather sad. And expensive. If you had a better experience, please let us know by using the "post a comment" link below this blog entry.


2009-01-14 - 15:25:24

Can someone post the right phone number of this restaurant?

2009-01-23 - 17:47:21

I'm afraid that's impossible. I've heard the restaurant had closed. Sorry.

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