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About this Blog
This site offers honest reviews of restaurants that can be found in the region of Montréal (and other places in the province of Québec). We're looking out for the lovers of good food by not only offering our sincere opinions but also by sometimes comparing various restaurants from the same chain and offering other practical information.

The list of establishments we have visited grows regularly. You can see the entire list by using one of the search tools offered at the top of this column.

About the Author
We are a couple who loves to spend some quality time at restaurants. We wouldn't call ourselves "gourmets", but we are always on the lookout for a quality culinary experience.

A Table For Two

A blog of critiques of restaurants around Montréal, Québec, and some other places.

2005-12-29 - 21:28:35

Boston Pizza, Brossard

Boston Pizza, Brossard
You're looking for a restaurant that offers a bit of everything? You and your friends are arguing about what you're going to eat? Pasta? Hamburgers? General Tao chicken? Well, this is the place you need... Maybe.

Boston Pizza reminded us of the traditional sports bar / restaurant (somewhat like La Cage aux Sports) that has forgotten to talk about sports. This is the ideal restaurant for a bunch of friends going out or even for a meal with your kids (though you should note that there is also a bar on the premises). The service is very nice. Our waiter joked around and was having fun with the kids from a neighbouring table.

The menu is particularly diversified. You'll quickly notice this if you visit their web page. We had the choice between pizzas, hamburgers, pasta, General Tao chicken, etc. Their appetizers are also varied. We tried their cactus potatoes, which are like home made chips served with a spicy sauce. We also tried the chicken wings, a bit spicy, a bit expensive.

Boston Pizza, Brossard
Sandra tried the "Greek style" pizza (with feta cheese and black olives) and added extra grilled chicken. She found the taste to lack refinement and was a bit disappointed. I decided to try the spicy penne with Italian sausages. They also lacked some refinement and I was a bit disappointed. On the other hand, our teenager loved his pizza. All of our plates were generously filled, even the dessert. We split a "chocolate explosion" cake which was filled with pieces of cheese cake. It was tasty, but not terribly impressive.

Our conclusion? This is a simple, honest restaurant that's a bit too expensive for the quality of the meals they offer (about 80$ for three, including tip and a drink from the bar). But since it's open late, it seems ideal for friends that would rather have a good time than a good meal.


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