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About this Blog
This site offers honest reviews of restaurants that can be found in the region of Montréal (and other places in the province of Québec). We're looking out for the lovers of good food by not only offering our sincere opinions but also by sometimes comparing various restaurants from the same chain and offering other practical information.

The list of establishments we have visited grows regularly. You can see the entire list by using one of the search tools offered at the top of this column.

About the Author
We are a couple who loves to spend some quality time at restaurants. We wouldn't call ourselves "gourmets", but we are always on the lookout for a quality culinary experience.

A Table For Two

A blog of critiques of restaurants around Montréal, Québec, and some other places.

2006-03-25 - 13:52:17


(Note: Mehfil has been sold and is now called Mantra.)

Are we really that prejudiced? We really didn't expect anything particularly good when we decided to visit the restaurant called Mehfil. After all, this is an indian restaurant that really doesn't look all that hot... On a small avenue... In Longueuil.

Well, I'm at a loss for words when I try to describe the delicious surprise that awaited us. The interior is pretty and warm. It looks like a family owned restaurant instead of one of those commercial enterprises that seem to abound in and around Montreal. At Mehfil's, not only can you feel like you're in a small restaurant, but it's also capable of welcoming bigger groups.

The service is excellent. I don't mean that they offer the highest level of professionalism but rather that the employees sincerely want you to have a pleasant experience. And believe us, we did.

Let us not forget the most important point: the meal. In our opinion, the dishes offer an exceptional quality. Honestly, neither Sandra or I are experts in Indian cuisine, but we have tried a few over the years. Without a doubt, this is the one that has impressed us the most. The meals are prepared "with loving care" and even if the portions aren't huge, they are perfectly generous.

Here are some of the items we tried during our first two visits: pakoras, seekh kabab, chicken tikka, nân bread, rice, gulab jamun and more. Everything was wonderful. And the price? Between $15 and $25 per person. We strongly recommend that you try it and let us know what you think.


2007-09-08 - 11:11:46

Totally agree with the above review. We returned to this restaurant September 2007 when the original owners took back management. The food is truly excellent and the service warm and inviting. Absolutely 5 stars all around.

2007-09-10 - 11:07:58

Thank you for the comment. I had no idea the original owners were back. We'll have to go back for a visit soon.

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